Frequently Asked Questions

Does Lyprinol contain Sorbitol?

Lyprinol Advanced does contain Sorbitol but it is less than 3% of the total capsule weight. Lyprinol does not contain any Sorbitol

Does Lyprinol contain gelatin?

Yes both Lyprinol and Lyprinol Advanced capsules contain gelatin.

Is Lyprinol safe for pets?

Lyprinol has not been tested on Animals and is manufactured for human consumption. The key ingredient PCSO-524 is used in an animal specific product called Antinol. This is manufactured under MPI protocols for animal consumption.

If I have a shellfish allergy will I have an allergic reaction to Lyprinol?

The capsule does not contain any shellfish protein and we have had no reported allergic reactions to date but if unsure always check with your healthcare provider.

Do you ship Lyprinol internationally?

We do not ship internationally, we are only able to provide our product to New Zealand.

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